Pedagogic Guidelines

The University has guidelines for the teachers pedagogical competencies. They concern both competence development and documentation and assessment of teaching competences.  

The Pedagogical Competence Profile is the University’s framework for teaching skills. The competence profile is included in the university teacher training programme. It is also used in lecturers ongoing development of their pedagogic teaching skills and as a basis for discussing teaching and pedagogic skills development in PDRs.

Assessment of teaching qualifications when applying for a position is based on the criteria for recognising merit, the Pedagogic competence profile and University guidelines on teaching portfolios in relation to recruitmentThe University also has guidelines for the competency development of PhD supervisors.

The pedagogic and didactic centres at the University - Department of Science Education, The educational advisors, TEACH, Centre for Online and Blended Learning and the IT Learning Center) offer pedagogical skills development for teaching staff. The Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use at the Faculty of Humanities supports lecturers teaching in English.