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Educational Environment Assesment 

According to the Educational Environment Act of 1 August 2001, every school and educational institution including the universities must conduct an educational environment assessment every three years. As a minimum, the assessment must uncover the physical, aesthetic and social study environment of the programmes. The Study Environment Survey conducted at UCPH is part of UMV (the Educational Environment Assessment).

The organisation of the UMV is anchored in University Education Services. KUUR – the UCPH Academic Board on Education Strategy – functions as steering committee. KUUR is composed of Prorector for Education, associate deans for education and four representatives of the student body. The Board sets out the framework for working with the UMV assessment, including methodology, substance and the overall process. Moreover, the Board discusses the results of the survey and approves the action plans.

The results of the survey are used to assess where the study environment is in need of improvements. Based on the results, each faculty, involving both staff and students, will discuss what improvements need to be made and draw up local action plans accordingly. In this way students at UCPH have the possibility to exercise real influence on improving the study environment, both in regards to prioritising and action plans.

It is required that the students are involved in the process of conducting the educational environment survey. The request for involvement also implies that students share the responsibility for establishing and maintaining a good educational environment.

You can find the results of the surveys below.

Educational Environment Assesment 2016

Study Environment Survey 2016

Educational Environment Assesment 2013

Study Environment Survey 2013

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