The Common Market of Education

The complexity of the knowledge society make interdisciplinary competences, including the ability to collaborate across disciplines and cultures, a key competitive parameter. As a result, the University of Copenhagen aims to provide greater opportunities for students to come into contact with subjects other than their own.

To realise this vision, the University of Copenhagen has developed a 'Common Market' of education. The Common Market is designed to give students even greater freedom to organise their study programme by including interdisciplinary and inter-faculty elements. It will also facilitate the introduction of new programmes based on the University of Copenhagen's overall pool of knowledge.

Year structure and timetable 

A common year and timetable structure is a core element of the inner market. The University of Copenhagen has decided to introduce a common year and timetable structure. Joint guidelines for organising teaching will make it easier, in terms of planning, to follow courses and sit examinations in other faculties. The guidelines came into force in the autumn semester 2009 and were revised in 2010 and extended in 2015.
You will find the guidelines for year and timetable structure 2016-2020 here.

Student full-time equivalent calculations

Common principles are to be drawn up for the distribution of income from student full-time equivalents in relation to inter-faculty courses and programmes.